Retriever tissue slides

Retriever Tissue Slides are high adhesive glass microscope slides for paraffin-embedded tissue section, including tissue arrays. The slides were designed and optimized for the EMS Antigen Retriever (62700 series) to preserve the section attachment and tissue morphology during heat-induced epitope recovery in Retriever in pH6 (Low), pH9 (High), or Universal Retriever buffer.

Slides can also be successfully used in any other epitope-recovery technology (autoclave, microwave, proteolitic) and show superior performance over positively charged or polylysine-coated slides, especially in high pH buffers and recovery buffers containing EDTA.

General Properties

  • Retriever Tissue Slides are made from soda lime glass
  • Dimensions approximately 76 x 26mm, Thickness 1.0mm.
  • 90° ground edges
  • Coloured or white marking area 20mm, at one end, on one side
  • Pre-cleaned, ready for use
  • Autoclavable
  • Supplied in plastic boxes of 72 pieces (call for carton price, 20 boxes in a carton)
  • Carry recommended best before date and batch number for comprehensive information and traceability
Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 21-01-2022
EMS71880-50 Retriever tissue slides Pack/72 2 weeks $203.00 AUD
EMS71880-50-CS Retriever tissue slides 20 x Pack/72 2 weeks Quote only Quote