Quantifoil coated Cu/Rh grids

ProSciTech stocks three types of QUANTIFOILS mounted on Copper/Rhodium (Cu/Rh) grids. For other types and grid metals see other quantifoil grids.  Discontinued by manufacturer - While stock lasts

QUANTIFOIL? Multi A is a holey film, in which a pattern of various hole sizes, shapes and arrangements is repeated. In addition to circular holes, the pattern includes oval-shaped ones which appear round at high tilt angles (~70?). The circular holes have diameters of 1?m, 1.4?m, and 2?m. The elliptical holes measure 1?m x 4?m and 2?m x 8?m (along the shortest and longest axes, respectively).

QUANTIFOIL? S 7/2 constitutes an optimum between a maximum of open area on the one hand, and mechanical stability on the other hand. 

C-flat? Holey Carbon Films and Grids for Cryo-TEM 

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SQS7-2CU-RH300-DWS Quantifoil coated Cu/Rh grids Quantifoil S 7/2 Pack/2 In Stock $15.00 AUD $29.00 AUD