PTFE printed slides, square wells

White PTFE printed, diagnostic slides with square wells. They are made to order and this in turn offers maximum shelf life.  Shelf life ranges from 18 months to two years.  However, it is strongly advised that all glass slides (Printed or Un-printed) be used in a reasonable time to avoid glass "weathering", (slides becoming cloudy or hazy even with proper storage)

PTFE printed slides are highly hydrophobic, acetone proof, resistant to chemicals and autoclavable. They are excellent for controlling cross-contamination in staining, immunolabelling and immunofluorescence tests. 

The surface of the well is 100 percent wettable, enhancing cell attachment and increasing its spreading ability within the well. These slides reduce the use of costly purified antigens and antibodies.

All of our printed slides are autoclavable. All printed slides are precleaned. They are intended for one time use only.

The slides measure 76 x 25 x 1mm and have one frosted end, well dimensions are of different sizes.  Please choose carefully

G37-0110  PTFE printed microscope slides, 1 well of 10.7mm diameter

G37-0215  PTFE printed microscope slides, 2 wells of 15mm diameter - Discontinued

Code Title Well Diameter Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 05-03-2024
G37-0110 PTFE printed slides, square wells 1 well 10.7mm Pack/72 2 weeks $145.00 AUD