Polystyrene microscope slides

Permanox? is a strong, biologically inert material resistant to non-chlorinated hydrocarbons, acetone, and other EM reagents. Permanox? slides allow you to do cell fixation and staining on the slide; they can be cut with scissors. Permanox? has not been shown to be autofluorescent. All of the microscope slides are 1" x 3".

NOTE: Long exposure to solvents will cause the slide to warp. Xylene and Toluene based mounting media should be avoided. Glycerol, gelatin, and other aqueous based media are recommended.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 03-03-2024
EMS71888 Polystyrene microscope slides Pack/20 2 weeks $181.00 AUD
EMS71889 Polystyrene microscope slides Pack/100 2 weeks $728.00 AUD