PCR plates, 0.1mL low profile

PureAmp 0.1 ml low profile plates are designed to work with common qPCR devices. Semi-skirted plates are offered in natural or white (for better fluorescence reflectance), and raised rim plates are available in clear/natural. Precision made and homogenous ultra-thin walls enable fast heat transmission and reliable amplification outcomes.  Plates are packaged in 5 bags of 10 plates, for minimal environmental exposure.

All PureAmp PCR Plates are manufactured of heat-resistant medical-grade polypropylene and are free of RNase, DNase, DNA, and PCR inhibitors.

  • RNase, DNase, and PCR inhibitor free
  • Compatible with standard equipment
  • Ultra-thin walled tubes
  • Alpha-numeric reference guides
Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 01-03-2024
EMS72390-01 PCR plates, 0.1mL low profile Semi-skirted Pack/50 2 weeks $338.00 AUD
EMS72390-02 PCR plates, 0.1mL low profile Semi-skirted, white Pack/50 2 weeks $374.00 AUD
EMS72390-03 PCR plates, 0.1mL low profile Semi-skirted, raised rim Pack/50 2 weeks $371.00 AUD