Nonenyl succinic anhydride (NSA) (EMS)

An epoxy hardener specially distilled. The special distillation process offers you much clearer blocks than the standard NSA

Specially Distilled EM Grade
F.W. 227   CAS #28928-97-4
b.p. 325°C
Viscosity: 102.8 at 25°C
Density: 1.08gm/cm3

Store at room temperature

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 12-08-2022
EMS19050 Nonenyl succinic anhydride (NSA) (EMS) 450mL No ETA Quote only Quote
EMS19051 Nonenyl succinic anhydride (NSA) (EMS) 4x450mL No ETA Quote only Quote