NIGHTSEA light heads

A white light head is also available as an illumination option for the Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter. If you are using the NIGHTSEA- System for fluorescence, you do not need a separate light source for your white-light work - just exchange the fluorescence excitation light head module for the white-light module in a matter of seconds. It is extremely convenient for general illumination and as a focusing aid for fluorescence imaging.

Please note: New Light Heads use BNC connectors. The original NIGHTSEA Light Head V1 connector has been discontinued. 

Tech Tip: Will the Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter Fit my Microscope?

Code Title Colour Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 22-05-2024
OSFA-BLH-CY NIGHTSEA light heads Cyan Each See above $540.00 AUD
OSFA-BLH-GR NIGHTSEA light heads Green Each See above $540.00 AUD
OSFA-BLH-RB NIGHTSEA light heads Royal blue Each See above $540.00 AUD
OSFA-BLH-UV NIGHTSEA light heads Ultra violet Each See above $805.00 AUD
OSFA-BLH-VI NIGHTSEA light heads Violet Each See above $540.00 AUD
OSFA-BLH-WH NIGHTSEA light heads White Each See above $505.00 AUD