Netwell reagent trays

Thermoformed polystyrene. Holds 150ml of the solution of the reagent. Netwells are transferred to the reagent tray of the Carrier kit, where the fixing and staining is performed. Reagent trays are available in white for colorimetric reaction contrast, and in black for improved visibility of tissue sections.

Code Title Colour Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 20-06-2024
EMS64730-00 Netwell reagent trays Black Pack/200 See above $796.00 AUD
EMS64730-10 Netwell reagent trays Black Pack/10 See above $69.00 AUD
EMS64732-00 Netwell reagent trays White Pack/200 See above $796.00 AUD
EMS64732-10 Netwell reagent trays White Pack/10 See above $69.00 AUD