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Mini Rotors, 120 and 220V

The mini-rotor is a small, compact, rotator which is ideal for use on a lab bench; in a small incubator or refrigerator; in a biological cabinet; or in a fume hood or any other place where space is at a premium. It handles both large and small applications for micro centrifuge tubes and micro test tubes.

It is heavy duty and has a permanent-magnet motor which maintains constant speed and its mixing action is able to be adjusted from a gentle slosh to a rapid agitation. The chemical resistant cabinet is fixed at a 20 degree angle for optimum mixing. 

Unit includes: Aluminum disk head with spring clips to hold 15 each for both 5-10 mm and 12-14 mm tubes. Optional 30 position tissue culture tube head is available.


Speed Variable speed control (2-80rpmrpm)
Ambient Temp. Range 0?C to 40?C
Size 18 x 25.5 x 28 cm
Rating 180VA, 50/60Hz
Electrical Speed Control with ON/OFF Switch and protected-fuse, 6 ft, 3-wire cord.
Finish Foxtip gray and charcoal
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EMS65100-20 Mini Rotors, 120 and 220V Mini Rotator, 220V Each See above Quote only Quote
EMS65100-50 Mini Rotors, 120 and 220V 30 position tissue culture head Each See above Quote only Quote