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MicroTool tips, scale, 0.50mm (EMS)

These tools are designed for anyone who is engaged in microscope work, miniature applications as well as specimen manipulation. Micro-Tools are the smallest known precision tools available for the laboratory and micro electronics industry. Micro-Tools are available in 32 different tip configurations with interchangeable handles. Micro-Tool consists of a threaded handle (MT1), and an interchangeable threaded base with tool tip. Tip material is hardened tool steel unless otherwise noted.

Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 16-04-2024
EMS62091-07-0.50 MicroTool tips, scale, 0.50mm (EMS) 10mm Each See above $150.00 AUD
EMS62091-23-0.50 MicroTool tips, scale, 0.50mm (EMS) 2 sided-5mm, 0.1mm div. Each See above $176.00 AUD