Microtome embedding chucks

These stainless steel chucks are designed to be used cold for rapid freezing, and to maximise the gripping power required to hold the embedded tissue block. The stem of the chuck provides the focal point for a sharp tap resulting in an easily release of the block from the well. These chucks fit many of the major brand cryostat and can be used in most cryostats with use of an adapter. These Chuck Adapters have stem measures 20mm L x 9mm diameter, and fit Leica and most Microm cryostats. We also offer adapters to use these chuck for other cryostats.

Available: Small (28mm square with gridded surface), large (36mm square with gridded surface), extra large (55 x 36mm rectangular shape).

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 22-05-2024
EMS61720-28 Microtome embedding chucks Small Each See above $162.00 AUD
EMS61720-36 Microtome embedding chucks Large Each See above $189.00 AUD
EMS61721-55 Microtome embedding chucks Extra Large Each See above $246.00 AUD