Microscope slide-wells

Convenient - Pre-cut, twin adhesive well stickers (1cm diameter) firmly adhere to microscope slides. Examine specimens with or without cover slips. Available in depths of 0.25 mm and 0.50 mm.

Multiple Applications - Examine or count tissue culture cells, yeast, bacteria and other microorganisms. Piggy-back with Microscope Slide-Grids to facilitate counting and sizing.

Versatile - Compatible with different styles of microscopes (conventional, inverted or dissecting).

Chemically Inert - Made of polyester with an acrylic adhesive. Microscope Slide-Wells are inert and stable under most laboratory conditions.

Code Title Well depth Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 05-03-2024
EMS70366-12 Microscope slide-wells 0.25mm Pack/25 2 weeks $126.00 AUD
EMS70366-13 Microscope slide-wells 0.50mm Pack/25 2 weeks $139.00 AUD