Microscope slide grids, 20 x 20mm

Disposable Adhesive Grids

Convenient - Easy-to adhere stickers having side-by-side twin grids (20 mm x 20 mm each with 1 mm line spacing) for microscope slides. Count or measure cells and estimate the size or length of microscopic or semi-micro objects

Versatile - Compatible with different styles of microscopes (conventional, inverted or dissecting). Virtually all cells and specimens placed on top of Slide-Grids can be counted and/or sized.

Dry Or Wet - Use with dry specimens or suspended specimens such as cells held in buffer under cover slips. Separate cover slips can be placed over each Slide-Grid.

Chemically Inert - Made of polyester with an acrylic adhesive. Slide-Grids are inert and stable under most laboratory conditions. 

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 24-02-2024
EMS70366-14 Microscope slide grids, 20 x 20mm Pack/40 2 weeks $61.00 AUD