Methylene blue, certified

For use in acid-fast bacteria, acid-fast baccilli, and as a rickettsia stain, Cain's method for mitochrondria. For staining Negri bodies in nerve cells.

(Basic Blue 9; Swiss Blue)
C16H18N3SCl?3H2O  F.W. 319.86+aq   CAS #7220-79-3
Solubility: 9.5% Water; 6.0% Alcohol; 6.5% Cellosolve; 10.0% Glycol; 0.0% Xylene.

  • Used to distinguish autonomic nerves. Richardson, K.C., (1969) Anat. Rec., 164, 231. General stain for animals, histology.
  • A simple rapid staining procedure for methacrylate embedded tissue sections using chromotrope 2R and Methylene Blue. Dougherty, M.M., and King, J.S., (1984) Stain Tech., 59, 149
  • An established routine method for differential staining of epoxy-embedded tissue sections. Schroeder, H.E., Rossinsky, K., and Muller, W., (1980) Microsc. Acta 83, 111
  • Used with Basic Fuchsin for stain epoxy-embedded tissue. Sato, T. and Shamoto, M. (1973). A simple rapid polychrome stain for epoxy-embedded tissue. Stain Technol., 48:223


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