MeshWell well plates

These parts are made of polypropylene. The base of each of the pools is a 500µm (0.0197") opening ETFE mono-filament screening fabric.

These MeshWell Plates are available with 6, 12 and 24 well layouts and fit into the 6, 12 and 24 Costar/Corning Cell Culture Clusters mentioned above for the processing of tissue slices, otherwise these MeshWell Plates can also process tissue slices with Reagent Trays (64730 - 64732).

For your convenience, we're offering a MeshWell Plate set that includes one MeshWell and one Cluster Plate. (EMS64702-06)

Code Title Wells Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 22-02-2024
EMS64700-06 MeshWell well plates 6 Each 2 weeks $366.00 AUD
EMS64700-12 MeshWell well plates 12 Each 2 weeks $403.00 AUD
EMS64700-24 MeshWell well plates 24 Each 2 weeks $449.00 AUD