Membrane for cell stretcher

The Tissue Tamp Embedding Tamper Set was created especially for histology lab professionals. The set comes with two ergonomic embedding tampers and an easy-to-use stand that will keep the tampers within reach. It is easily adaptable to any brand of embedding station hot plate.

  • Cleans up easily
  • Designed to lasts a lifetime with heavy use
  • Reduce re-cuts and re-embeds as the tissue is oriented on a flat plane
  • Allow the user to control the amount of pressure applied to delicate tissue samples without damage
  • Tamper stand sits directly on the hot plate keeping the tampers at operating temperature
  • Ergonomic design allows the user to apply greater pressure with minimal effort to hard tissue samples such as bone
  • Lessens stress and injury on fingers, wrists, and arms
  • Reduces muscle fatigue

It includes a set of two tools and a base.
Large: 19 X 19 mm
Small: 12.7 X 12.7 mm

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