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mBox with 20 glass slides

Using mBox® – microarray handling without removing slides!

  • Immerse 20 slides in liquid during blocking, denaturating, and post-arraying.
  • It separates and prevents slide damage during shipping and processing.
  • Optimally designed rack spacing for easy slide removal.
  • Fits standard microtiter plate formats for centrifuging.
  • Manufactured to prevent slide contamination.
  • A convenient removable handle available.


mBox withstands boiling water without softening

Material: Polypropylene
Maximum continuous use temperature: 220°F (104°C)
Melting point: 334°F (168°C)
Measures 5" L x 3½"W x 1½" H (127mm x 89mm x 38mm)
Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 21-05-2022
EMS72188-01 mBox with 20 glass slides Each 2 weeks $50.00 AUD