LR white resin only, medium, UNCATALYSED


A very low viscosity (8cps), non-toxic resin, suitable for both Light and Electron Microscopy.

LR White is a polar monomer polyhydroxylated acromatic acrylic resin. It can be cured by heat or by UV light. Sections of polymerized LR White resin are hydrophilic. This character allows immuno-cytochemistry reagents to easily penetrate into the sections and etching of the sections is not necessary (etching sections will effect delicate tissue antigens). LR White sections also show minimal non-specific staining. Its low viscosity makes it ideal for infiltrating decalcified bone and teeth as well as plant tissues. It is available in medium and hard grade.

Kit consists of: 500 ml LR White Resin, 10 ml UV accelerator

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