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Liquid wicks

Theses paper wicks offer a great deal of absorbency with its small tip that foam-tipped or cotton-tipped applicators can not substitute. These wicks are available sizes: 15, extra fine (XF), fine (F), and Medium (M).

Size 15 wicks fit the wicking aperture of Micro Mounts, and are ideal for removing residual liquid from your crystal and mounts. Size Medium (M) and Fine (F) wicks are ideal for cleaning Miro Mounts
The thick end of these wicks fit into standard 0.7 mm mechanical pencil.


Each box contains 300, 28 mm long high quality, tapered paper wicks.

Order size 15 and Extra Fine (XF) for removing liquid formed around your crystal.

Order sizes Fine (F) and Medium (M) wicks for cleaning Micro Mounts.

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 26-05-2022
EMS60160-15 Liquid wicks Size 15 Pack/300 No ETA Quote only Quote
EMS60160-F Liquid wicks Fine Pack/300 No ETA Quote only Quote
EMS60160-M Liquid wicks Medium Pack/300 No ETA Quote only Quote
EMS60160-XF Liquid wicks Extra fine Pack/300 No ETA Quote only Quote