Liquid nitrogen cooled mortar

Useful for grinding frozen samples, this product includes a heavily insulated blue polyethylene housing that keeps liquid nitrogen cold longer. Now frozen tissue samples can be ground without the hazard of liquid nitrogen droplets flying into personnel.

A 304 stainless-steel mortar is suspended by three brackets above a stainless-steel bowl which holds the liquid nitrogen. The bowl is nested in a well-insulated polyethylene housing. The 102mm insulated handle is removable for saving space. The housing measures 65mm in diameter, 4½" high, and is stabilised with three suction cup-feet. 

Available: Spare mortar, Ceramic pestle (180mm), Ceramic pestle (114mm)

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 13-04-2024
EMS64470 Liquid nitrogen cooled mortar Cooled mortar Each See above $687.00 AUD
EMS64471 Liquid nitrogen cooled mortar Spare mortar bowl Each See above $269.00 AUD
EMS64472 Liquid nitrogen cooled mortar Pestle, ceramic, 180mm Each See above $113.00 AUD
EMS64473 Liquid nitrogen cooled mortar Pestle, ceramic, 114mm Each See above $125.00 AUD