LASNER-DaMAN tissue forceps

Uncompromised slip resistant with automatic tissue manipulation.

Up until now, you were faced with two choices in tissue forceps: rat toothed forceps that hold by penetrating a small zone of tissue, or serrated forceps that grasp by inadvertently crushing a broader area. Somehow, both can lead to microvascular damage. Pressure controlled Lasner-DaMan Tissue Forceps virtually eliminates the penetration or crushing of fragile tissue while providing uncompromised slip resistance.

  • Ergonomic Featherlite spring handle relieves excess pressure and mechanical stress for ideal compression in either hand
  • Patented twisted I-beam design with three point fixation that provides unparalleled stability
  • Micro cross-cut carbide jaws provide an extraordinary grip on tissue and suture needles
  • Adjustable auto-lock feature permits auto-retention of tissue

Available in 127mm and 178mm length.

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-04-2024
EMS77893-LM2.5 LASNER-DaMAN tissue forceps 127mm Each See above $366.00 AUD
EMS77893-7LM2.5 LASNER-DaMAN tissue forceps 178mm Each See above $366.00 AUD