Kwik-Gard start up kit

The Kwik-Gard is a carefully packaged Sylgard 184 silicone that provides a faster and easier way of applying the silicone by removing the messy practice of mixing the mixture prior to application. Its unique cartridge precisely controls the mixing ratio to ensure optimum curing.

As the resin and hardener are dispensed, the disposable tip mixes them together. Because no air is injected during the mixing process, the resin does not require degassing for most applications.

The blended silicone is directly applied to the spot, saving time and material waste. Kwik-Gard cartridges contain 37mL of resin and hardener. The inactive volume of the dispensing tip is 0.75 ml.

Curing time for this silicone is 24hrs @ 25°C, and 15 min. @ 150°C.

Start Up Kit includes: Dispenser, 1 Cartridge And 5 Tips

Refill includes: 2 Cartridges And 10 Dispensing Tips

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 30-05-2024
EMS24236-01 Kwik-Gard start up kit Start up kit Each See above $490.00 AUD
EMS24236-02 Kwik-Gard start up kit Refill Each See above $345.00 AUD
EMS24236-03 Kwik-Gard start up kit Dispensing tips Pack/10 See above $151.00 AUD
EMS24236-04 Kwik-Gard start up kit Dispenser Each See above $348.00 AUD