Hot mount resin thermoplastic

When preparation requirements include less expensive, uniform size and shape, and short processing times, hot mounting (hot compression mounting) is ideal.

Hot mounting takes place under pressure in a mounting press, where the specimen is placed in a cylinder together with the appropriate mounting resin. A temperature of up to 200°C, and a pressure of up to 50kN are then applied during the embedding of the specimen. There are two types of hot mounting processes: thermoplastic resins and thermo-setting resins.

Thermoplastic Resins melt when heated, offering the opportunity of repeating the process with the same specimen if the result is not satisfactory the first time. Thermoplastic resins harden during a chemical reaction with or without pressure. That means high pressure is not necessary during heating and cooling. This process is good when mounting fragile specimens.

Thermo-setting Resins cure at elevated temperatures under pressure. Thermo-setting resins cannot be re-melted after mounting

Code Title Colour Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 06-03-2024
EMS1210 Hot mount resin thermoplastic Gray 1Kg 2 weeks $433.00 AUD
EMS1212 Hot mount resin thermoplastic Clear 1Kg 2 weeks $418.00 AUD
EMS1214 Hot mount resin thermoplastic Green 1Kg 2 weeks $244.00 AUD