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Golden nylon brushes

These brushes are ideal for cryomicrotomy-for guided manipulation in the cryostat of frozen areas, as well as cryomicrotomes. These come in 4 sizes: 6.35mm (1?4in), 12.7mm (1?2in), 19.05mm (3?4in) and 25.4mm (1in) for large pieces, which are easier to clean than animal hair brushes and more robust. Such brushes are available individually or in a package of all 4 sizes.

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 05-03-2024
EMS66110-01 Golden nylon brushes 6.35mm Each 2 weeks $16.00 AUD
EMS66110-02 Golden nylon brushes 12.7mm Each 2 weeks $17.00 AUD
EMS66110-03 Golden nylon brushes 19.05mm Each 2 weeks $17.00 AUD
EMS66110-04 Golden nylon brushes 25.4mm Each 2 weeks $17.00 AUD
EMS66110-05 Golden nylon brushes Set/4 Each 2 weeks $33.00 AUD