Gold shadowed latex

These latex particles have a diameter of ~0.20um (actual given with item), they are supported on a Formvar/ carbon film and shadowed with a coating of gold. Measuring the finest migrated gold particles in the shadow may be used to determine the resolution of the STEM or TEM. This test specimen is mounted on a 3.05mm copper grid.

The gold forms islands of electron-dense material suitable for determining instrument resolution by the particle separation method.

The fine particles can usually be located around the edges of the "shadow" areas.


Use a binocular microscope when removing the specimen from the plastic vial to ensure that only the extreme edge of the grid is held in the forceps. Place the grid directly into the microscope specimen holder if possible. If the grid must be laid down, do so only on a lint-free surface with a darker, more reflective side of the grid facing up (the specimen side).

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