Glassine weighing boats

Weighing samples is made easier with these newly introduced Glassine Weighing Boats:

  • No Static Build-Up - Glassine is free of static electricity that plagues disposable plastic weighing dishes.
  • Contaminant Free - Pure glassine is an ultra-clean paper product
  • Preformed 87.5mm diameter dish - convenient to use
  • Coloor contrast - Chocolate-coloured glassine reveals every particle of material
  • Dish measures: 87.5mm diameter x 13mm depth
Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-04-2024
EMS70084-01 Glassine weighing boats Pack/150 See above $86.00 AUD
EMS70084-CS Glassine weighing boats Case/24 See above $1,524.00 AUD