Gelatin powder

Gelatin powder type A is used to prepare gelatin-chrome alum adhesive to coat glass slides for mounting semi-thin sections for staining.  As well as a combination of Acrylamide-Gelatin-Jung resin for cryosectioning of large and soft tissues (eggs, fishes, insects)

The strength of the gel is based on the bloom number. The higher the bloom number, the stronger the gel.

Type A-from Porcine skin (acid cured tissue)
Type B-from Bovine skin (base cured tissue)

Solubility: 12% in H2O at 20°C
pH (1% in H2O): 3.5-5.0
Residue after ignition: <2%

Code Title Style Bloom size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 16-04-2024
EMS16560 Gelatin powder Type A 60 bloom 100g See above $151.00 AUD
EMS16562 Gelatin powder Type A 175 bloom 100g See above $116.00 AUD
EMS16564 Gelatin powder Type A 300 bloom 100g See above $116.00 AUD
EMS16566 Gelatin powder Type B 75 bloom 100g See above $116.00 AUD
EMS16568 Gelatin powder Type B 225 bloom 100g See above $116.00 AUD