Freezer box divider only

For use with stainless steel freezer racks. Store cryogenic vials in liquid nitrogen or in mechanical freezers in our freezer storage boxes. Box footprint is 133 x 133 mm. Select a box and a partition that fit the size and number of vials for your needs. Cardboard boxes can be labelled with Cryo-Tags for easy identification. Both the boxes and dividers are available in packs of 12.

Code Style
EMS61615-75 64 hole
EMS61615-80 81 hole
EMS61615-85 49 hole
EMS61615-90 100 hole
Code Title Capacity Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 08-08-2022
EMS61615-75 Freezer box divider only 64 hole Pack/12 2 weeks $56.00 AUD
EMS61615-80 Freezer box divider only 81 hole Pack/12 2 weeks $56.00 AUD
EMS61615-85 Freezer box divider only 49 hole Pack/12 2 weeks $56.00 AUD
EMS61615-90 Freezer box divider only 100 hole Pack/12 2 weeks $56.00 AUD