Flowview microscopic fluid chips

World-Leading Innovative Liquid Sample Inspection with SEM

Advantages of Microscopic Fluid Chips (MFC)These economic and easy-to-use starter kits include stage, accessories, and 24 Microscopic Fluid Chips (Standard, Semi, or Bio). The chips are compatible with SEM for most major brands. The Microscopic Fluid Chips are available separately and are metal, so can be recycled.

  • Placed with the silicon wafer and biochip substrate for in-situ observation
  • Extended to automatic sampling and high-precision temperature control
  • As a shuttle to an optical microscope/fluorescence microscope for in-situ observation
  • Intuitive sample injection (encapsulated within a minute)

The kit contains:

  • Tweezer
  • Pipette
  • Torque Wrench
  • Carrier Box
  • Storage Box
  • 24 Microscopic Fluid Chips


"In Situ" Observation

  • Size
  • Size Distribution
  • Particle Aggregation
  • Particle Dispersion
  • Concentration
  • Shape
  • Composition


Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 05-03-2024
EMSFV-105 Flowview microscopic fluid chips Standand Pack/10 No ETA Quote only Quote
EMSFV-106 Flowview microscopic fluid chips Semi Pack/24 No ETA Quote only Quote
EMSFV-107 Flowview microscopic fluid chips Bio Pack/24 No ETA Quote only Quote