Film casting device set

An all glass device. It throws consistently thin films of parlodion, formvar, or butvar directly onto 1" x 3" microscope slides. The film casting solution can be utilised more than once. An built-in fine-pressure-discharge valve helps control the speed of drainage. The thickness of the film is constrained by the concentration of the film solution and the pace of the drainage. The unit requires 100ml of film casting solution to start.

The unit includes:

  • 500ml capacity flask with built-in valves; Air-in and Air-out
  • Film casting cylinder with cover
  • 75ml Atomiser

Technical Data Sheet

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 30-05-2024
EMS71305-01 Film casting device set Film casting device Set See above $1,290.00 AUD
EMS71305-04 Film casting device set Replacement flask Each See above $710.00 AUD
EMS71305-06 Film casting device set Replacment cylinder Each See above $543.00 AUD