FeatherLite MPF-17 scissors, 170mm

FeatherLite MPF-17 Scissors 170mm

See your samples and your embeddings in a whole new light! These lighted forceps ease identification and location of otherwise undetectable tissue fragments, while reducing embedding time. Increases the visibility of specimen allowing for more accurate work. Made of German stainless steel, are submersible and light longevity approx. 20,000 hours. Sharp/Sharp Curved or Straight Blades. Blade 20mm


  • Increases the visibility of the specimen
  • Allows for accurate orientation of tissue and specimen
  • Minimises Floaters
  • Reduces embedding and prep time
  • Submersible
MicroPoint FeatherLites
Micro model ? Lengths 5?" and 7?"
Micro model ? Blades ?" and ?"
Standard ? Lengths 5?" and 7?"
Standard ? Blades ?"
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EMS77927-7C FeatherLite MPF-17 scissors, 170mm Curved Each See above Quote only Quote
EMS77927-7S FeatherLite MPF-17 scissors, 170mm Straight Each See above Quote only Quote