Eyewash station with eye opener

Multi-Purpose First Aid Eyewash and Skin Rinse with one "all risks" formula.

One of a kind Eye Opener eliminates the requirement for an eye glass and spares valuable seconds in a crisis with its moment "Turn for Activation" design. Exceptionally innovatiove and significantly more viable than customary eyewash with eyecups. Eye Opener permits a free hand to open the eye.

First ever FDA approved dual claim eyewash to be used as "Eye Wash" as well as "Skin Flush".

A Benzalkonium chloride-free formula.
First ever eyewash with a 4 year expiration date!

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 25-05-2024
EMS70590-06 Eyewash station with eye opener 473ml See above $107.00 AUD