EMS tissue capture pen

With one swift application of the EMS Tissue Capture Pen, you are able to change your plain glass slide into a coated one.

The EMS Tissue Capture Pen is a coating pen with a wide point (18mm) for fixing various tissue sections (paraffin embedded, frozen and formalin sections, etc.) The unique pen is unaffected by heat up to 120°C so it offers secure and firm adhesion of the tissue section. It may be used in Microwave staining, immunostaining, in situ etc….

One application is all that is needed, and after it is applied, allow to dry for 1-2 minutes.

The EMS Tissue Capture may be used in conjunction with our Pap-Pen (71310) and will allow for easy placement of adherent as well as nonadherent cells on a glass slide. Immunostaining/ISH can be performed by applying a few drops of tissue suspension or liquid media onto the glass slide which is circled by the Pap-Pen, and then your section can be placed.

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