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EMS surface mount tweezers, style SM112

These tweezers are anti-Acid and anti-magnetic, offering comfort and smooth handling. They are available in different tips and angles for specific jobs and have a satin antiglare finish with an ergonomic design.

Type SA steel: low carbon austenitic steel is non magnetic and corrosion resistant.

Product Style Description Tip thickness x width
SM112 (formerly SMD60)

Tips are bent and cut on a 45 degree angle (2mm edge) and has a raised thickness inside for perfect control (anti-capillary). Length: 120mm

45 degree angle (2mm edge)
Code Title Style Material Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 25-05-2024
EMS78250-60 EMS surface mount tweezers, style SM112 Bent tips, 45 deg. SS Each See above $56.00 AUD