EMS plastic replaceable tip tweezers, style 3C

Plastic replaceable tip tweezers with fine, sharp, pointed tips. Handle made of Anti-Acid, Anti-Magnetic Stainless Steel. Available with tips made of carbon fibre, carbon PEEK or PVDF.

These tweezers, made specifically for the electronics industry, feature enduring and self-aligning replacement tips, anti-magnetic stainless steel handles and are available with a wide range of tip geometries and materials: they offer substantial cost savings. Perfect for handling sensitive electronic components, and parts of ceramics and glass in which non-metallic non-scratching is essential.

Style Description Dimensions
Style 3C

Tips: Fine, sharp, pointed tips

115mm length
Tips: 0.7mm thick x 0.7mm wide x 40mm length
Code Title Style Material Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 24-05-2024
EMS78325-34 EMS plastic replaceable tip tweezers, style 3C Fine, sharp, pointed tips AA/AM, carbon fibre tips Each See above $58.00 AUD