EMS gold plated tweezers, style 3

Finely crafted, high precision tweezers made from anti-acidic, non-magnetic stainless steel, plated with 2 microns of pure 24-carat gold. Gold plating resists chemical corrosion, oxidation and is an excellent conductor of electricity. These tweezers are autoclavable and suitable for use when working with microelectronics, TEM and immunogold staining, electro-chemistry and nanotechnology. A variety of styles, designed to meet your specific need are available.

Code Style Length Tip Style Tip (WxTh)
EMS78750-04 3 120mm Straight points, high precision 0.17 x 0.10mm
Code Title Style Material Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 29-05-2024
EMS78750-04 EMS gold plated tweezers, style 3 Straight points AA/AM, gold plated Each See above $69.00 AUD