EMS carbon fibre soft tip tweezers, style 52

The EMS carbon fibre soft tip tweezers feature scratch resistant carbon fibre tips, specially designed to handle sensitive objects. The body is made from low carbon austenitic, non-magnetic stainless steel. The tips are corrosion resistant to moderately aggressive chemicals, salts and acids. Optimal working temperatures are up to 350°C. For short term use, maximum temperature should not exceed 925°C (1,697°F). 

Typical applications include handling of sensitive and electronic components, soft materials, micro-mechanical parts, glass, quartz, ceramics and silicon wafers. The tweezers body is made from non-magnetic stainless steel. ESD safe. 


Flat: length 110mm Tip width: 10mm 

Spade: length 110mm Tip width: 6mm 

Angled: length 110mm Tip width: 2.5mm 

Triangle: length 110mm Tip width: 2x2x2mm

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EMS78751-02 EMS carbon fibre soft tip tweezers, style 52 Spade tips Antimagnetic steel, carbon fibre tips Each See above $54.00 AUD