EMS 252 immersion oil

EMS is proud to introduce a complete new line of immersion oils. This new family includes 5 unique types for:

  • Critical use
  • Synthetic
  • High viscosity
  • Low viscosity with R.I 1.480 (Synthetic)
  • Low refractive index (1.455) - suitable with aqueous media

EMS 252 Immersion Oil
A high viscosity immersion oil to allow for work with slides mounted vertically to the lens, or in situations where slides are collected over a long period prior to being observed. Manufactured from phthalate esters with a refractive index of 1.51 and is water-white to a light straw colour.

Safety Data Sheet - EMS 252 Immersion Oil

Code Title Refractive Index Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 22-05-2024
I16007-05 EMS 252 immersion oil 1.51 High viscosity 100ml See above $74.00 AUD
I16007-06 EMS 252 immersion oil 1.51 High viscosity 5L See above $1,912.00 AUD