Dust-Off Pro

Safe for the ozone!

Dust-Pro for dusting and chilling. The system has many features:

  • Ozone-safe pressurised tetrafluoroethane
  • Meets Canadian Government Regulations
  • Non-flammable and triple filtered for maximum purity
  • New designed Techni-Valve (TM) with no mounting clip needed
  • High pressure 120psi dusting spray
  • Comes in either refill or disposable cans

For dusting use in the upright position and chilling a specimen invert the can and spray in short bursts. 

The kit includes one 8oz. can Dust-Pro and Peca Techni-Valve. The one-piece-valve is made from solid brass and is chrome plated with an extra long nozzle (3½") for hard-to-reach areas. No mounting clip is required. The valve can be removed at any time without loss of pressure.

Peca Techni-Valve nozzle and refills available separately, 8oz can or pack/12


Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 13-04-2024
EMS70845-00 Dust-Off Pro Dust-Off pro kit Each See above $96.00 AUD
EMS70845-01 Dust-Off Pro Dust-Off pro refill Each See above $39.00 AUD
EMS70845-12 Dust-Off Pro Dust-Off pro refill Pack/12 See above $306.00 AUD
EMS70849-10 Dust-Off Pro Peca Techni-Valve Each See above $79.00 AUD