Dip miser slide coating set

Dip miser includes a slide coating cup with a stand and a cleaning brush. Glass cup is Pyrex and is designed to preserve costly authoradiographic emulsion when glass slides are covered. Requires only 1⁄4 of the amount of solution previously required.

The single piece holder allows for submersion in a water bath and creates a reliable darkroom stand to help stop spills, and faster temperature adjustment of the emulsion. Capacity of 10 ml.

Brush dimensions: 

Total length 152mm, 

Diameter 12.7mm, bristle part 57mm. 

Nylon turned tuff

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T083 Dip miser slide coating set Set Each In Stock $170.00 AUD
T084 Dip miser slide coating set Replacement cup Each 1 in stock $113.00 AUD
T085 Dip miser slide coating set Brush only Pack/2 4 in stock $91.00 AUD