Digimatic vernier calipers

Provides a digital readout to 0.0005" / 0.01mm for error-free reading
and can measure steps.

Function: zero setting, data hold, low battery alarm and data output. Provided with a data saving output port for connection with the SPC system. Powered by a single SR-44 battery. Battery life: approximately two years under normal use.

Specifications: An all metal head with a plastic housing. Range: 0 - 6" / 0 - 150mm; LCD resolution: 0.0005" / 0.0; Accuracy: ±0.001

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 05-03-2024
EMS62062-10 Digimatic vernier calipers Caliper, no SPC output Each 2 weeks $379.00 AUD
EMS62062-20 Digimatic vernier calipers Caliper with SPC output Each 2 weeks $517.00 AUD