Used for histochemical localization of peroxidase with DAB and in immunocytochemistry.
Sternberger, et.al., J. Histochem, Cytochem., 18,215 (1970)

C12H14N4·4HCl   F.W. 360.12   CAS #7411-49-6
m.p. 300°C

We are now offering DAB 4HCl pre-weighed and packed in tablet form, to facilitate your work. Each tablet contains 10mg. Just break the tablet or tablets in a suitable bottle and add your buffer. All weighing and contact with the solid ( DAB-HCl) is avoided.

Store refrigerated 4-8 deg C

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EMS13080 DAB-HCL 1g 2 weeks $52.00 AUD
EMS13082 DAB-HCL 10 Tablet 2 weeks $196.00 AUD
EMS13083 DAB-HCL 20 Tablet 2 weeks $349.00 AUD