Cryo-Lok vials, 2.5mL

CRYO-LOK vials are ideal for storage or transport of material at extremely low temperatures. The vials have external threads, providing a smooth and uniform inner surface. This eliminates the problem of air born contamination and/or sample loss so common when vials with internal threads are used. The screw top incorporates a moulded-in sealing ring, which assures a tight leak-proof seal.

  • Graduated in 0.5ml increments
  • Conical bottom with slotted skirt
  • For use in vapour phase of liquid nitrogen
  • ONLY Blue available

Recommended box: EMS61615-70 133mm x 133mm x 76.2mmH 

Code Title Style Colour Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 16-04-2024
Y72652-B Cryo-Lok vials, 2.5mL Non-sterile Blue Pack/1000 No ETA $234.00 AUD
Y72653-B Cryo-Lok vials, 2.5mL Sterile Blue Pack/500 No ETA $209.00 AUD