Cooler for reservoir

Keep Your Cool' - Reagents are kept at ~5°C for approximately 3 hours No Mess - No need for a cumbersome ice bath, the frozen gel is contained in a sealed molded cavity. Extra Time - Extends safe working time for temperature sensitive reagents Fitted - Each 100 ml* Reservoir fits perfectly and snuggly onto the Cooler ensuring uniform cooling * Compatible with RESE-1000, -1050 and -1100 only

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 02-03-2024
EMS70497-50 Cooler for reservoir 100ml Each 2 weeks $88.00 AUD
EMS70497-51 Cooler for reservoir 50ml Each 2 weeks $88.00 AUD
EMS70497-52 Cooler for reservoir 25ml Each 2 weeks $88.00 AUD