Conductive silver pen (DG)

This pen is designed for making instant conductive silver traces. It is ideal for applying samples to SEM stubs. A unique valve tip allows for very smooth flow withnormal writing pressure and it is spring loaded to prevent clogging. For conductivity traces, solderable termination's are possible using a 250°F cure for 15-20 minutes. Tin, lead, or silver solder can be used (Do not exceed 350°F for more than 5 seconds). Each pen is filled with approximately 100 feet of traces. Silver content: 39-45% with less than 10 micron diameter.The thinner that is used for this pen is Butyl Acetate.

Technical Data Sheet


Code Title Tip Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 05-03-2024
EMS12644-01 Conductive silver pen (DG) Standard Each 2 weeks $125.00 AUD
EMS12644-02 Conductive silver pen (DG) Micro Each 2 weeks $122.00 AUD