Chloroform, reagent ACS (DG)

CHCl3   FW 119.38   CAS #67-66-3A.C.S. Specifications:

CHCl3   FW 119.38   CAS #67-66-3

A.C.S. Specifications:

Color (APHA) 10
Density @ 25°C 1.471-1.476
Residue after Evaporation 0.001%
Acetone & Aldehyde (about 0.00%) To Pass Test
Acid & Chloride To Pass Test
Free Chlorine (Cl) To Pass Test
Lead (Pb) 0.05ppm
Subs. darkened by H2SO4 To Pass Test
Suitability for Dithizone Test To Pass Test
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EMS12540 Chloroform, reagent ACS (DG) 450mL See above $112.00 AUD
EMS12541 Chloroform, reagent ACS (DG) 4x450mL See above $380.00 AUD