Bouin's Solution

Bouin's solution can be used as a fixation and a staining fluid. Bouin's fixative is excellent for use on biopsy specimens of the gastrointestinal tract. Tissue from the endocrine system are well fixed and many antibodies react well with tissue fixed in Bouin's. Bouin's solution may be used as a routine fixative or a staining solution, but should not be used as a preservative for tissue. Tissue cannot be held in Bouin's solution for extended periods. The maximum fixation time in this solution should be less than 48 hours and should be transferred to alcohol. Packaged in leak-proof histo-containers, prefilled and ready-to-use.

Formulated with Picric Acid saturated aqueous solution 75%, Formalin (40% aqueous formaldehyde) 25% and Glacial Acetic acid 5% in de-ionized water.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 11-08-2022
EMS15990-01 Bouin's Solution 1L 2 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS15990-04 Bouin's Solution 4L 2 weeks Quote only Quote