Biopsy foam pads

A cellular polyester blue foam that has uniform air pockets throughout the pad for optimal fluid flow. It prevents either small or fragmented tissue specimens from being lost.

To use: Place small samples or specimen fragments between the two pads and place the specimen in a cassette or capsule.

See RM476-1 for similar sizes

Cat. No. Foam Pad Size Use With Pack
EMS62325-01 25mm Diameter 29mm Capsules 1000/pk
EMS62325-04 35mm Diameter 38mm Capsules 1000/pk
EMS62325-06 32 x 25mm 1x1¼"Cassettes 1000/pk
Code Title Dimensions Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 05-03-2024
EMS62325-01 Biopsy foam pads 25mm diameter x 2mm Pack/1000 2 weeks $82.00 AUD
EMS62325-04 Biopsy foam pads 35mm diameter Pack/1000 2 weeks $86.00 AUD
EMS62325-06 Biopsy foam pads 32 x 25mm Pack/1000 2 weeks $65.00 AUD