Biopsy bags, paper

These bags are made from porous paper which provides maximum tissue safety during processing. They permit proper fluid exchange and drainage. To Use: simply introduce the specimen into the bag and fold it enclosing the cassette or capsule. You are now ready to process as usual.

Store at room temperature

Code Title Measurements Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 05-03-2024
EMS62326-02 Biopsy bags, paper 30x50mm Pack/100 2 weeks $29.00 AUD
EMS62326-10 Biopsy bags, paper 30x50mm Pack/500 2 weeks $100.00 AUD
RBP100 Biopsy bags, paper 45x75mm Pack/100 In Stock $29.00 AUD
EMS62326-03 Biopsy bags, paper 75x94mm Pack/100 2 weeks $35.00 AUD
EMS62326-15 Biopsy bags, paper 75x94mm Pack/500 2 weeks $121.00 AUD