Biopsy bags, nylon (EMS)

These biopsy bags are made from nylon cloth, 0.2mm mesh diameter.  All seams are heat-sealed, which allows for unrestricted fluid movement around the tissue.  The small mesh reduces the loss of small biopsy specimens and cross contamination and pressure artifacts by using sponges.

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 21-06-2024
EMS62324-35 Biopsy bags, nylon (EMS) 30 x 50mm Pack/100 See above $125.00 AUD
EMS62324-75 Biopsy bags, nylon (EMS) 45 x 75mm Pack/100 See above $168.00 AUD
EMS62324-98 Biopsy bags, nylon (EMS) 95 x 75mm Pack/100 See above $180.00 AUD